20 Incredible Tattoos That Are True Works Of Art

Tattoos can have different meanings, or even have a story behind them. Whether for a delicate motivation or for aesthetic reasons, the fact is that all tattoos have their charm. The ones you’ll see on this list, though, are certainly on another level:

1.A samurai with lotus flowers.

2.Neo traditional heart made by Kezza at Satori Body Art, Northumberland, UK.

3.Cover up Rose by Thomas Sidney at Soular Tattoo, Christchurch, New Zealand.

4.”Black and red, by me (@doomedtattoo), Tucson, AZ.”

5.Monster inksters. Chisinau, Moldavia.

6.”My dad’s Fenrir cover-up tattoo, done at Black Hope in Colchester, England.”

7.Knee skull made by Luther Berg @nexttattoo on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, South Pacific.

8.First session of this piece by Beerus. Performed by Devin Coley at Stingray in Allston, MA (Boston)

9.Akira’s Kaneda bike made by Sai Li at Mono Moon in San Francisco.

10.Tamara Lee Tattoo in Sacred Gold London-UK.

11.By: Glen crushie at supreme tattoo in the chilliwack center, BC, Canada.

12.“5 months healed raccoon tattoo done by me. Michael Stade in Västerås, Sweden.

13.An abstract work of art.

14.A 3D needle.

15.An amazing game of shadows.

16.A tattoo full of meaning.

17.A mesmerizing effect.

18.When the tattoo artist knows how to do his job perfectly.

19.Nick Whybrow’s Frida in The Good Fight, London, England.

20.Uncle Lucas and Fingers by Tori at Monarch Studios in Houma, La.

Do you have tattoos this impressive? Leave them in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends who are looking for tattoo ideas.

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