20 Images That Show The Most Surprising Side Of Nature

When we talk about nature we usually imagine beautiful settings, sunsets, gardens full of flowers, beautiful animals, etc; however, nature also has its strange and impressive side. Today we want to show you 20 photographs that will surely leave you impressed:

1.Just a cave on the beach or something else?

2.The bee gets dirty with pollen, but continues its work.

3.The pigmentation of this sheet makes it look like a weather map.

4.Mossy frog, from Vietnam.

5.This fungus is called a scattered dung beetle, although it lives very tightly.

6.Blue-tailed skink, a funny little lizard

7.Not photoshop, but a variegated hygrocybe, a wonderful fungus, like from another planet.

8.Very similar to pure copper, although it is only the bark of a Tibetan cherry tree.

9.Moss is colored according to the gradient principle, how does he know?

10.Somehow these grasshoppers are similar to aliens. How nice that they are so small!

11.Succulents grow beautifully among stones, in the most difficult soil. And how beautiful!

12.The stones on this beach look like eggs.

13.The apple branch is grafted onto another tree and bears fruit perfectly.

14.A whole world appeared in a beer bottle.

15.Loro rojo lori.

16.Silky volvariella.

17.Lovely hydrangea

18.Dragon tree, from an inferior view.

19.Pumpkin of 341 kg.

20.A bird that is indistinguishable from quartz.

What was your favorite? Share it with us! Send this gallery to your friends so they can see how wonderful nature is.

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