20 Images That Show The Incomparable Power Of Nature

Planet Earth is estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old. Since the beginning, nature has endured meteorites, ice ages, raging volcanic eruptions… and it’s still here, and still doing just fine. In its eagerness to live, nature never ceases to surprise us (and occasionally intrigue us).

In the following gallery you can find 20 examples of the extraordinary power that Mother Nature has and her will to overcome the walls that humanity has put up:

1.As the saying goes: “Nothing is born, nothing dies.” After all, this is the nature we are talking about.

2.Nature beats all odds, because she is used to “living on the edge.”

3.Nature, we have learned, is a truly unstoppable force.

4.This competitive tree “climbed” the door, only to grow taller than the walls (and it worked).

5.We have seen living fences, but it seems that we also have living walls.

6.This tree was hit pretty hard, but somehow it’s still standing!

7.”The bush outside grew through my window frame.”

8.To grow in this “concrete jungle”, these roots had to improvise.

9.”This is what happens when you leave a bag of grass seeds out.”

10.”I saw a completely hollowed out, burned tree that is somehow still alive.”

11.For this tomato plant, this crack in the ground felt like the perfect place to flourish.

12.Nature gave this old house a new roof.

13.This little tree grew taller with a little help from a friend.

14.”Abandoned roller coaster taken over by nature”

15.This tree grew out of a rock and snapped it in half.

16.”These dead leaves haven’t fallen off these trees yet and it’s already late winter.”

17.We’ve heard of green vehicles before, but this one went too far.

18.If anyone has ever dropped a coin into this well and wished for a tree, we have great news…

19.From a dead branch, nature gave life to the triplets.

20.This “rebellious” sunflower decided to bloom away from the others, in the middle of the sidewalk.

Don’t leave without sharing this gallery with your friends so they can see the power of Mother Nature and her will to survive despite our lockdowns.

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