20 Fascinating Sculptures That Defy Gravity And Will Leave You With A Square Eye.

The sculptors of these works seem to have broken all physical principles to create figures that create the illusion of defying gravity. The works so captivate the imagination that their creators have become famous around the world.

1.Wursa – Daniel Firman

2. Macrosculpture of books – Alicia Martin

3. Tightrope walkers – Jerzy Kedziora

4. Abedo – Emil Alzamora

5. Suspendido – Menashe Kadishman

6. Michael Jones – Jerzy Kedziora

7. The car in the lamppost – Benedetto Bufalino

8. The Puppeteer – Jerzy Kedziora and Ann Norton

9.Big Rig Jig – Mike Ross

10. Balance natural – Jerzy Kedziora y Ann Norton

11. Infinite Stairway to Heaven – David McCracken

12. The giant griffin – Various authors

13. Abstract Sandcastles – Sandcastle Matt

14. Boy with the Dolphin – David Wynne

15. Swaying Rocks – Michael Grab

image source : funnyworm.com

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