20 Designers Who Got Their Creations Right

Creativity is an amazing thing.

We all know someone who is dedicated to the design industry, we can see that their inspiration comes from experiments or even from nature itself. There are times when his creations are more than valuable but deserve a prize or a place in a museum. In the following list, you will meet 20 designers who have truly crossed the line from useful to beautiful.

1.This design allows you to have as many hooks as you need

2.This is what fish tanks were like in Victorian times

3.This restaurant uses concrete pipes as tables.

4.Some collect shells, others use them to create art.

5.Shanghai pedestrian bridge concept .

6.This entrance to a cutlery store.

7.This bit design deck.

8.“A mythical eel, original sketch and final woodwork done by me.”

9.This photo poster that shows Porsches engines are in the back.

10.Crystal Wolf Skull Carved From Amethyst Agate Geode

11.This dispenser built into a box of mints. The cat is just to make it look pretty.

12.Ocean Resin Glow-in-the-Dark Diorama

13.These Matroshkas that a family made to represent everyone in their house.

14.If you’re into history, this pencil holder is what you need.

15.The beautiful carving on this jewelry storage box

16.These are all spoons.

17.This staple remover.

18.These orange lotion bottles from 50 years ago.

19.This park bench can be moved anywhere you like.

20.This table that melts into the ground.

Which design do you like the most? Leave us your comments! Share this gallery with your designer friends so they can be inspired by these creations when thinking about their next projects.

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