20 Designers Who Deserve An Award For Their Great Work

They should have a trophy for creativity.

It is common that you have seen articles on this page where we see the biggest mistakes that designers have made, but this time we want to share the other side of these creators. The side that is worthy of standing up and applauding their great creations.

In the following list you will meet 20 designers who should have an award for their projects:

An incredible table that has the ocean in resin.

1.This table for your couch with a clip so nothing falls off.

Reddit / Design Porn

2.This brewery logo that features a cow and a pint of beer.

Reddit / Design Porn

3.This beer mug that keeps your drink from getting cold without diluting it with ice.

Reddit / Design Porn

4.This graffiti using the power lines in this neighborhood.

Reddit / Design Porn

5.This paper dispenser that makes you aware of what you use.

Reddit / Design Porn

6.This tree house

7.This piece of furniture that perfectly covers your laundry center.

8.Barbecue lovers will appreciate this design

9.Guillermo del Toro’s tequila packaging.

10.This car ad.

11.A unique sink.

12.A world map lamp.

13.This cellar to store your bottles of wine and spirits.

14.Who wouldn’t want this guitar?

15.”My neighbor is dedicated to sculpting in wood, this is his latest creation during quarantine.”

16.For hot days.

17.This ring design that ‘hugs’ your finger.

18.A cool soap dispenser.

19.I need these disposable towels,

20.This table blends into the floor.

Which design surprised you the most? Leave us your comments! Share this gallery with your designer friends so they can be inspired by these great creations.

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