20 Creative People Who Got Hilarious Tattoos.

The problem with tattoos is that they have become fashionable. As a result, there is an explosive demand for this type of decoration. Someone approaches the question very responsibly and chooses a drawing so carefully that there can be no doubts later.

But there is also a percentage of customers who practically do not understand either tattoos or what is depicted there. Such guys can get a tattoo spontaneously, under the influence of emotions. And when these same emotions take over, you get these “masterpieces”

1. A terrifying panther.

2. He really loves spiders.

3. Ice cream is her passion.

4. He is a fan of ska or chess.

5. The tattoo is not bad but why there?

6. Talk about awkward places to get tattooed.

7. Or painful places too.

8. This woman’s eyebrows are a little weird.

9. The baby’s face says it all.

10. Who designed this?

11. For those who love Patrick from SpongeBob.

12. “Cheeseburger.”

13. What are they doing to the poor dolphin?

14. Kurt would die again.

15. That corset doesn’t seem to work.

16. Will that be the “Family Tradition”?

17. Woe to the 7 dwarfs from Snow White.

18. Solo un hot dog cool.

19. Doctor Zoidberg introduces himself.

20. So there was Wally.

Do you have bad tattoos? Leave us your anecdotes of how they came to you! Share this gallery with your friends who like tattoos.

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