20 Common Things Seen With A Different Perspective That Turn Them Into Something Totally Different

Do not leave without sharing this gallery full of common things seen from a different perspective. Do you have such interesting photos? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

Scientists have recently published pictures of carbon and oxygen atoms, pictures, not drawings or diagrams. We created a newer microscope that allows us to see what was previously impossible to see. Although, in fact, there are quite a few things in the world that are definitely there, but almost no one has seen them like the ones you will see below:

1.Just one acorn woodpecker is capable of uprooting several dozen trees when organizing its storage facilities.

2.The trench was dug carefully so as not to damage the roots of the trees.

3.The length of the claws of the famous male freshwater turtle

4.A pill with a video camera to see what is happening inside the human digestive system.

5.A pastry shovel from several centuries ago.

6.Inside, the pool table is very interesting.

7.Clavicular-acromial joint synthesis plate, with pins provided. Yes, that can be inside your body.

8.These are the necessary lenses for a person who has myopia of -12.5 diopters

9.You can make a whole pineapple in syrup.

10.Proof that the clementine fruit consists of a rind

11.Characteristics of the movement of the starfish.

12.Whale Breathing Video

13.A 1777 ship’s register, with illustrations and monograms.

14.A zebra with a color in spots, not stripes.

15.An even and orderly path is the work of this dog’s paws. Trampled

16.A blue jet is lightning of a specific shape, as in the image below.

17.Bonsai, a small tree of very venerable age, was seen by everyone in the photo. But its root system – hardly anyone!

18.A landscape illuminated by lightning, even though it is 1:30 am

19.Estimate the root length of a common weed. Now it is clear why it is so difficult to deal with them.

20.This is how cats bend their legs.

Do not leave without sharing this gallery full of common things seen from a different perspective. Do you have such interesting photos? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

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