20 Behaviors Of Cats That We Will Never Understand

In video games there is the concept of “leveling up”, with which the character acquires new properties and often begins to behave in a completely different way.

Under this very concept, when you look at how a cute calm kitten suddenly starts running along the walls and detecting flaws visible only with her, such a comparison comes to mind. You cannot say in an insulting way “your cat is crazy”, but you can say that something has changed in him. Do you know why they behave like this? Tell us in the comments!:

1.”I don’t understand why you come here to drink water if you have your plate with water.”

2.Good place under the air conditioner.

3.Sometimes cats with their behavior lead people to a dead end.

4.The funny thing is that she is really comfortable.

5.Grace, intelligence and other lost qualities of a cat.

6.What a delicious wall!

7.”She climbed there and when she got stuck I lowered her, she climbed back up”

8.The cat does not have the concept of “length”, this value is constantly changing.

9.Gravity Don’t You Dare Stop Me!

10.All the heart this kitty has in her fur is missing to get out of there:

11.”I had a cat treat for him and he chose to bite me.”

12.I’ve been good at playing all day. How was work?

13.Sadness, melancholy devours me, but hey, when are we going to have lunch?

14.”He got up there and didn’t know how to get off.”

15.”Those eyes as he bites my blanket, I can’t be mad at him.”

16.I pretend not to be trapped.

17.Always look for the right angle in the problem.

18.”My cat always falls asleep on my shoe.”

19.”I don’t understand why you feel this way.”

20.”Her favorite place to lie down like that.”

Do you know other cat behaviors that we don’t understand? Leave us your anecdotes! Share this gallery with your friends who love cats.

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