19 Unusual Answers To The Question: “What Would Happen If…”

It’s often said that asking a silly question will result in a silly answer. I believe many of us have witnessed this firsthand on numerous occasions, so the saying definitely holds true.

Asking a question with no definite answer can spark creativity and lead to unexpected discoveries. It’s always fascinating to see what people come up with!

Check out the 19 unique items listed below! They not only educate you, but also demonstrate the fascinating ways in which the question can be addressed. The question at hand is, What Would Happen If… Let’s explore this further!

  1. Here’s what happened to the leather goods in a store that was shut for 53 days (this occurred in Malaysia, where the humidity is extremely high).

2. Malaysia is no different – cinemas are filled with mold here too.

3. If you attempt to disinfect money in a microwave, this is the outcome you can expect.

4. Here’s what occurred after using a low-cost dish scrubber for 2 years (on the right). On the left, there’s a top-notch dish scrubber that has been in use for 15 years.

5. Find out what will occur to potato sprouts after 3 weeks if you allow them to continue growing.

6. If you apply transparent tape to a matte surface, like a pen, it will have this appearance. This technique also works on matte glass.

7. If you brush a sheepskin rug, this is what will occur.

8. If you’re always on your phone and frequently swipe the screen with your thumb, a screen protector might start to show signs of wear.

9. The lock hadn’t been touched for over 20 years when this key was found in it.

10. After 7 years of being placed on a windowsill, let’s see what happens to a skull that is completely transparent.

11. The two soda bottles in the middle underwent some changes after being left in the shop window under direct sunlight for several weeks.

12. After heavy rainfall, this is the result on roads located in flood-prone areas.

13. If you place a glass door on top of the grass for a short period, it will transform into this.

14. Transform your sofa by removing all the pilling from it.

15. This is the story of a pole that has served as a spot for hanging flyers for many years.

16. After 30 years of being hit by a doorbell, this is what happens to a wooden door.

17. If a tree grows too close to a fence, it will end up looking like this.

18. Here’s what might occur if a bird collides with your window.

19. This is what occurs to rice when it is left in a rice cooker for a week.

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