19 Tender Photos Where Our Pets Show A Lot Of Love

They just want to be friends.

We have all tried to create friendship with people very different from us and this is repeated even in animals. According to several studies, friendship is not something exclusive to human beings and has been replicated in the animal kingdom.

Perhaps his way of being is coarser, it is more tender for us because we cannot imagine seeing a dog and a cat getting along, or how about a cat and some goats. They are different friendships but just as beautiful as all of them and here we leave you 19 that will surely steal a smile from you:

1.The way this cat looks at the guy is just, “Awww!”

2.Sailors created this little hammock for the kitty that lived on their ship during the war.

Animals At War: Royal Navy Mascot ‘Convoy’, HMS Hermione, Gibraltar, 26 November 1941, A group of sailors surround the ship’s cat ‘Convoy’, as he sleeps in a miniature hammock on board HMS HERMIONE. According to the original caption, ‘Convoy’ is in the ship’s book and provided with full kit. The cat obtained his name because of the number of times he accompanied the ship on duty patrols, 26 November 1941. (Photo by Lt. S J Beadell/ Imperial War Museums via Getty Images)

3.“Of course! I’ll save it for you. No problem!”

4.“I went out for deployment a week ago and my wife sent me this today. That’s my pillow.”

5.“When our son was born, we thought he would bond with one of our 4 dogs. Imagine our surprise when he became best friends with our angry and ill-mannered cat.”

6.“My husband didn’t want a dog. That’s how you watch TV now.”

7.”Molly likes to sleep while I rub her belly.”

8.How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?

9.”What’s up, man?”

10.This is what “I don’t care about pets” looks like 2 years later.

11.”Me with an old friend.”

12.”Just my dog ​​petting my baby…”

13.”My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond…”

14.”How are you doing this, man?”

15.”While I was saying goodbye, my dog ​​did this.”

16.A cat hugging his mom after 5 hours of being lost.

17.When you share everything, even the music:

18.These dogs seem to be sad about their owner’s wedding.

19.You don’t move when your pet is on you.

Do you have photos of your pets trying to get along? Leave them in the comments. Share this gallery to brighten the day of your loved ones.

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