19 Objects That Stood Out For Their Great Designs

Human beings have a strange fascination for strange things, from something as simple as an unusual piece of jewelry to something as large as a building or tower with an innovative design. What is not conceived within the parameters of the normal, will always be considered the opposite, perhaps, that is the reason why people take so much care to create unique objects or articles.

The experience changes completely when instead of buying an ordinary water bottle you take one with a different and even practical design. Sometimes the changes are good and more so when the object turns out to be convenient, beautiful and unusual.

Here are several examples of designs that caught people’s attention with their cool designs and definitely made a splash.

1.Cube-shaped watermelons from Japan


2.Knife with an unusual shaped blade.


3.A temple turned into a hot air balloon.


4.A plastic bag or a glass container?


5.Teapot shaped sugar cube


6.A mouse pad


7.At the gas station they sell donuts in the form of “&” and nobody knows why.


8.Some incredible tiles in the form of cassettes.


9.These puzzles always leave an apple on the puzzle.


10.Ideal pencil for law students.


11.This puzzle forms the letter G, and the details are made in the form of dinosaurs.


12.Flat fire extinguisher, it is not common to see them in that form.


13.The traffic light timer is shaped like an hourglass.


14.For the launch of the PlayStation 5, the tube stations in London have adopted the forms of the famous game.


15.Now you can break the pills into 2 or 3 parts.


16.The paving slabs on many Texas streets are the same as the shape of Texas.


17.Goldfish Tea Bag.


18.A dumbbell-shaped water bottle for better grip and lifting weights.


19.A dagger designed to break swords by grasping the blade with the teeth.


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