19 Designers Who Should Be Fired Immediately

The job of a designer is to create functional, attractive and common sense products and things. But in this world there are designers who are not very clear about how to design or their creativity took it to another level that ended up failing in the objective of creating a good product.

Today we bring you a hilarious gallery of various designers who should be fired immediately.

1.This candle designer went overboard with creativity and the result looks terrifying.

2.I want a boat for my father the driver. Not to mention more!

3.A Bic lighter bag

4.A rather rare proposal ring.

5.They asked him to decorate the train and this was the result…

6.A really scary toad bag.

7.The designer of this ad has no common sense, if you look they are different faces from the one in the selfie.

8.This elevator is very complicated to use, take a good look at the numbers. Most are often wrong.

9.The designer of this tennis sole didn’t think that stones and debris would always get stuck in grooves like this.

10.The designer of the ramp did not think well.

11.What is the point of this fire extinguisher if you can’t use it.

12.Who comes up with placing the logos and images below the numbers?

13.This stroller for very scary. No child is going to climb

14.The designer of this fitting room looks like a crime scene.

15.The designer of these chicken strips had something else in mind. That seem?

16.That’s not the best way to use it.

17.The designer of that lamp did not think that everyone is going to hit when they wake up or go to bed.

18.You can never use the bottom of the liquid since the tube is not functional because it is very short.

19.The arrangement of these teddy bears looks very scary, poor things.

What do you think was the worst design flaw?

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