18 Unique Animals With Beautiful Colors Made By Nature

When it comes to the most beautiful and unique animals in the world, everyone has a different opinion. It is important to remember that beauty is subjective . That means that while one person finds a particular animal beautiful, another might see it too, visually off-putting.

With this in mind, we share with you this list of what we believe to be the 18 best animals. Included are some you’ve probably seen at the zoo, ones you currently own, and ones few people have encountered. Who knows, after looking at each of these, you might discover a new appreciation for a creature you might not otherwise pay attention to. Swipe to find out:

1.A cute and very dark chinchilla.

2.”The only known albino humpback whale on the planet.”

3.This kitty has half brown and half blue eyes due to a rare genetic condition called sectoral heterochromia!

4.A black hind.

5.A litmus shark.

6.“This Australian veterinary clinic rescued a golden possum. They called her Pikachu.”

7.A peacock that is half albino.

8.Meet the rare two-faced cat!

9.A turtle from Mordor.

10.A rare mutation called partial melanism in this beautiful fox.

11.This cat has a pink nose.

12.A rare white moose.

13.This chicken has hearts on its plumage.

14.The coat of this horse.

15.One of the few albino giraffes sighted in a conservation park in Kenya.

16.A little golden mouse.

17.When you’re dark and creepy but, at the same time, very cute.

18.A shiny black cockatoo.

Do you have photos of cool features of your pet or any animal? Leave them in the comments! Share this great gallery with your friends who love animals.

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