18 Times Manufacturers And Supermarkets Tried To Trick Us.

For supermarkets and product manufacturers, the customer must be treated like royalty. However, many times some companies try to “outwit” us with their tricks.

Fortunately, after looking at this list, you will surely be better prepared to avoid falling for these sales techniques.

1. The top product is supposed to be equivalent to the size of two conventional chocolates. But it is definitely not the case.

2. When the restaurant definitely decides to play dirty.

3. “100% juice and other ingredients.” okay.

4. Be smart about buying “rechargeable” toys for your child.

5. For some reason, this establishment wanted to hide the number of calories in this drink.

6. An advertising brochure “disguised” as a traffic ticket.

7. A penny off! Amazing.

8. This company placed the product label at the top of the package, to hide the fact that it’s not top-full.

9. How to pretend a container is full when it’s actually almost empty:

10. He looked full…

11. This pack of toothpaste offers three boxes for one special price…but no one specified their size.

12. Next time, better check if the dozen eggs you’re buying are actually a dozen.

13. Another one of the series of “unmissable discounts”!

14. This was hands down the best fantasy party of her life.

15. Expectation vs Reality.

16. Something is definitely not right with this “promotion”.

17. That’s why you shouldn’t trust anyone.

18. What good is a package of this size if it is not filled to the end?

Now every time you see packaging and promotions you will see them differently. Share this note so that your friends know how supermarkets and brands can play tricks on us.

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