18 stunning images of things that few people have seen

Our life has become so monotonous that many of us have lost the ability to surprise ourselves. Every day that passes we can see something new that can get us out of the routine but we are so stuck in our minds that we miss it.

However, there are people who are still amazed at everything they see. In this list you will meet 17 photographs that someone took it well to share on the internet to share their amazement. Continue swiping to check it out:

1.The stone in this Italian castle is completely worn away by 700 years of rain falling from the roof onto the same spot

2.The bust of God Shiva in India is the largest in the world at 34 meters high.

3.This is how lavender is harvested:

4.Bull sculpture made from recycled tires.

5.The death of a star, Nova Tycho.

6.The first human-scale chess game played in 1924.

7.The Heslington Brain, a 2,600-year-old human brain found inside a skull buried in a well in Heslington, Yorkshire, England. It is believed to be the best preserved ancient brain in the world.

8.This building in the middle of a hill.

9.In ancient times, kings and emperors were buried with their belongings, and a member of the Zhu dynasty with his chariots was buried in this tomb.

10.This is what the original Titanic looked like and this is how it currently stands at the site where it sank.

11.Sky in Rome covered with birds.

12.Ancient Buddha statue found in Tibet carved entirely from a meteorite that crashed more than 15,000 years ago.

13.In Turkey there are beaches with access for people with wheelchairs.

14.An airplane splitting the clouds in its flight.

15.The house on which the movie “Up” was based.

16.A view of the Earth with the center of the Pacific Ocean as the center point.

17.A baby elephant holds on to its mother’s tusk.

18.An 8.5 meter long anaconda skeleton.

Do you have impressive images to share? Leave them in the comments! Send this note to your friends so they can get out of the routine.

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