18 Photos That Show That The World Still Has A Lot To Surprise Us.

There is still a lot that can surprise us on the planet

The world constantly surprises us, not a day goes by without something new happening. It can be a discovery, a beautiful landscape, weather conditions, or just a moment in time when we look at something from a different angle.

And when we travel, we can expect to see sights and hear sounds that are beyond the comfort zone of our home lives. Here is a selection of photos taken by people who were impressed by what they saw that we think will surprise you too

18. A playground from 1912.

17. Travel photographer Sarah Bethea captured this stunning photo last winter in Iceland, with the golden rays of a setting sun entering an ice cave and transforming a section of the cave’s ice amber.

16. This kid made an amazing mud house.

15. Train tracks bent after an earthquake in New Zealand.

14. In a galaxy far, far away, they left this recording set in the desert.

13. Frozen wind – Gran Sasso mountain (Abruzzo, Italy).

12. The platibelodon is an extinct ancestor of the elephant.

11. Atlantic Road, Norway.

10. Have you ever seen an albino peacock?

9. The seal on Tutankhamun’s tomb, before it was opened in 1923, remained intact for more than 3,000 years.

8. This lighthouse in Iceland.

7. The killer wasps that are famous lately are no joke.

6. Colorized photograph of the Hindenburg disaster that took place in 1937.

5. Garmsar Salt Mines, Iran.

4. This van escaping the eruption of Mount Pinatubo.

3. Rhodochrosite, a manganese carbonate mineral.

2.A female bat and her baby.

1.This sea anemone in Australia looks like an alien.

Do you have amazing images that no one has seen? Leave them in the comments and share this note, surely your friends will be amazed with this gallery.

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