18 Photos That Prove Chivalry And Human Kindness Still Exist.

People still provide hope.

Who says that the knights died? Or that people no longer love each other?

After seeing this gallery, you may come away convinced of the opposite

1. UFOs inspired this young man to make a unique form of declaration of marriage

2. This teacher takes care of his student’s son so that she can finish her exam.

3. This good neighbor hangs up bags of apples from her orchard for whoever needs them to take them.

4. This train operator takes care that his passenger can get in without anyone seeing up her skirt.

5. The good neighbor: Your dog destroyed your neighbor’s shoe and left him at the door with money to buy a new pair.

6. The company received complaints that this cat was hanging around the building, so they decided to hire him as part of their staff. His payment is in food.

7. Everyone deserves a chance to play and have fun.

8. “My boyfriend tried to make a heart-shaped churro.”

9. This man surprised his wife with a new engagement ring after she lost the one he gave her years before their wedding.

10. These policemen helped a sloth to cross a dangerous road.

11. “I’m a single dad and my daughters wanted to paint someone’s nails.”

12. The sun was beating directly on this woman’s face and her father had a brilliant idea.

13. « It was 6:30 in the morning and I decided to go to the bakery. I thought that I would be the first customer and I would be alone there. He thought he was being the best husband in the world by waking up at 6 on Sunday to buy fresh bread for his Mother’s Day breakfast. Apparently other people tried even harder.”

14. The pass was flooded and this man from India had the best idea to keep his wife from getting wet.

15. This man lost his iPad on the flight, the women in the crew found it and returned it to him.

16. My husband made this for me while I was on vacation. He had no idea all the talent he has.

17. We are going through a difficult time in the family, but flowers always help to provide smiles and my husband knows that.

18. How to start a good family day.

Do you have images that restore hope in humanity? Leave them in the comments and share this note, right now the best thing is to have a good reason to trust people.

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