18 Photos Of Unusual, Curious And Funny Things You Don’t See Every Day

In everyday life, we encounter curious and singular objects, bizarre situations, unexpected coincidences and unusual places that attract our attention. If we are immersed in our thoughts, they may go unnoticed, but if we look around, it is really difficult to ignore them! In fact, when this happens, we are immediately ready to take out our smartphone to take a picture of this original and unusual thing that we find in front of us. An example ? We give you 18, shared by users of the Reddit platform.

1.Pixelated skins

image: Alternative_Order378/Reddit

“Pumpkin peels look like low resolution images.”

2.Matching cars

image: Mark-Leyner/Reddit

“A matching Chevy Corvette and Lamborghini Urus driving around the neighborhood.”

3.The upside-down construction

image: numbersaremygameyall/Reddit

“This Detroit building is built from the top down.”

4.The red-fleshed apple

image: sleepernick/Reddit

“I bit into my apple and it’s red inside.”

5.From Colonel to Mexican par excellence

image: razor10000/Reddit

“A Mexican restaurant near me has moved into an old KFC. Instead of removing the colonel, they just added a sombrero, mustache and poncho.”

6.A special guest

image: SamLaserray/Reddit

“This huge ant that appeared in my house.”

7.The alternative rim

image: thelobsterwastaken/Reddit

“I saw these beautiful rims today.”

8.The Trash Eater

image: Reddit

“Something is eating my trash bin.”

9.The extra touch

image: m0tan/Reddit

“The insect found refuge in my son’s Halloween pumpkin.” It certainly adds an extra touch to the party!

10.The urban jet

image: Alfiheimr/Reddit

“There’s a jet outside my apartment today.”

11.A Relic

image: revcanon/Reddit

“While helping my mum pack, we found an unopened pickle jar from 1987.”

12.Perfect fit

image: SugmaDoink/Reddit

“The truck in front of us lined up perfectly with the mountains!”

13.The Freezer

image: AltF4MrRage/Reddit

“The ceiling of this freezer.”

14.Two in one

image: bored_wino/Reddit

“A deep fryer built into that old cooker.”

15.Chicken shaped omelet

image: Reddit

“This fried egg that looks like a chicken.”

16.Photo in transparency

image: Chubako61/Reddit

“My friend’s picture is engraved on the plastic of his wallet.”

17.Coordinate coincidence

image: sagelface/Reddit

“My cousin’s shoes match this house in Berkeley, California.”


image: nope-nope-nope-ok/Reddit

“I captured a photo of me transmitting energy to my girlfriend…”

And you, have you ever photographed something unusual and curious?

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