18 Photos Of Men Who Said They Didn’t Want A Cat At Home.

To welcome an animal into the house, it is advisable to first ensure that all tenants are in agreement , otherwise there is a risk that tense situations arise and the animal ends up losing out. Sometimes the process of adopting a new friend has to be interrupted because one of the family members does not want to hear about it: very often the children tend to be very supportive, unlike the parents who know the duties that a pet requires.

However, it also happens very often that, as soon as the newcomer enters the house, even the most skeptical end up giving in to their sweetness , changing their minds in just a few days.

In the following gallery, we are mainly addressing the male universe: here are 18 men who said they did not want animals at home , before radically changing their minds.

A girl took this photo, adding the caption, ‘My boyfriend always says he hates my cats’.

Husband: “I don’t want other cats, I don’t like them”. Still the husband, in a photo taken shortly after:

Even this guy with an expression of heavenly ecstasy used to say he wasn’t a cat man…

“My husband doesn’t like cats, and he stopped me from having a puppy for so long. Now every morning he gives the cat a piece of cheese and stays with him on the sofa… But he always says he doesn’t like his friend.”

“This is my husband, who hated cats when I met him, comforting our cat after surgery.”

My boyfriend, who hated my grumpy cat Boobah, as he shows him how to use the new crib because “maybe he’ll try it if he sees me in it”. It worked.

My husband, who hated cats, lets Catherine sit on his chest and comb his beard every night.

This girl, without being noticed, managed to immortalize her boyfriend’s nap with the cat he always claims to “not like”…

My husband: “I don’t like cats at all”. My husband two months later: “I could do anything for this cat.”

My husband brushing and talking to the cat he absolutely didn’t want to let into our family

My husband (a military man) has completed 30 years of service: he is now retired and spends his days pretending to “hate the cat”.

Six weeks ago my daughter’s boyfriend didn’t want a cat. It’s him now.

A classic case of a boyfriend who doesn’t like cats. This is him with the new little one on his first day home.

My husband is a tattooed musician who has always hated cats. He reluctantly rescued this big cat from the streets last year…and now he’s his best friend.

My fiancé once said to me, “I don’t want any animals in the apartment. I hate cats. I absolutely hate cats.” My fiancé now dances with the cats on his shoulders.

My husband, Mr. “No more cats”, Mr. “I’m sick of cats”, Mr. “You can’t save all the cats”… just came in and said, “Their names are Jigglypuff and Clefairy.”

My fiancé, “I don’t want a cat”. Always my fiancé…

my boyfriend: i don’t want a cat
also my boyfriend: pic.twitter.com/qupX6qZLh2— evil eva (@weaksapling) 8 maggio 2019

Looking at these images, it doesn’t surprise us at all: who could resist the bewitching charm of cats? Even the most skeptical end up succumbing…

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