18 Photographs That You Will Not Understand At First Sight.

One of the basic needs of the brain is to understand everything and quickly. In the days of our ancestors in the African savannahs, being able to quickly identify dangers was essential to ensure survival. The millennia passed but that instinct remained within our brain and today we can see funny situations derived from it.

Imagine, your brain makes calculations and measures distances even when you don’t realize it, in the same way it tries to explain everything it sees. This applies to many things: Sometimes we need to sit down and look at things again because it may not have been clear to us at first. And with that in mind, this time we want to present you 18 photographs that left several of us trying to see what was really happening. Do you think you can understand everything at first impression?

1. Imagine meeting this creature on your way through the forest.

2. No, that is not a very tall building in the landscape.

3. What is happening here?

4. Even if you don’t see it, these are two dogs.

5. This is not a baby truck, just a reflection.

6. A rock that hides the sea within itself.

7. Another rock that looks like something scarier.

8. Where is it going? It’s all a mystery.

9. Lost a leg? Oh wait…

10. Tell me that you are seeing it too.

11. This is not a giant glove with two small pucks.

12. Take the time you need to process this image.

13. This is an image only, it is not retouched.

14. The tree is neither created nor destroyed…

15. This is another one of those images that you’re going to need a few minutes to process.

16. This glass is not floating.

17. This is just a pile of rocks.

18. Everyone holding hands.

Did it take you a long time to guess what the reality behind these photos was like? Which cost you more? Let us know in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends so they can have fun with these visual effects.

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