18 People Who Transformed Ordinary Objects Into Impressive Works Of Art

We’ve all had a spark of creativity from time to time. One day you think “I want to transform that old bureau” or “I want to renew the painting” and you do it without many setbacks. But there are those who take those restorations or creations to a new level.

In this list you will meet 28 people who had the opportunity to breathe new life into their objects and took them further, to a new level with the amazing restorations they did. Continue sliding so you can meet them:

1.“I took my old chest of drawers and decided to make it Harry Potter style.”

2.“I had wood left over from a table I made and decided to make a replica for my guinea pigs.”

3.How do I start the restore job vs. How it ended after 8 months.

4.“Reupholstered a chair with only used jeans”:

5.“The other day I was bored so I decided to paint a rock to pass the time. This was the result.”

6.These roses are made entirely of paper:

7.“I decided to restore an old bag and decided to make it for myself with something from Lord of the Rings”:

8.“I try to keep my kids busy! Painters tape + washable markers”.

9.“This octopus candle holder my sister handmade at her pottery shop.”

10.“For 5 years I collected tapas so I could make this on my table”:

11.”I decided to use the guest bathroom as my dressing room.”

12.“I made folding chairs and a table out of old pallets.”

13.That old chair turned into a place to relax after work:

14.“I took a dying leaf off my houseplant and painted some starscapes on it!”

15.“I found an old grand piano in the trash and decided to use it to make a table.”

16.“I turned an old table I had into the best gift for my girlfriend who is a teacher.”

17.“I hand carved a new wooden wedding ring!”

18.“I decided to 3D print some snails so I could use the speakers from an old stereo I had.”

Have you done such great restoration projects? Share them with us in the comments. Send this gallery to your friends who you think need inspiration to restore their old objects.

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