18 Designers Who Deserve An Award For Their Great Work

Being a designer is great! They don’t always get everything right, but why remember the profane and their pitiful creations? No, let’s focus instead on the masters of their craft, who know how to create things that are as beautiful as they are practical, and also as convenient as they are attractive. It’s not easy, but the result is definitely worth it!:

1.This toilet brush holder.

2.Niche for a used tea bag

3.The old knocker has become a comfortable and original door handle.

4.In fact, this is an ordinary soap dish. Although it looks like a museum exhibit.

5.Lovers of computer tuning will appreciate this:

6.Why do you need a boring pizza wheel knife when you can cut it with real axes?

7.Just an ottoman for lovers of fast food or original details in the interior.

8.This keyboard has a smiley button to insert emojis

9.Rubbing butter not on a grater, but on a special knife, is it interesting to try?

10.This is not a decorative umbrella with gilding, but a real wet umbrella stand.

11.A Los Angeles themed restaurant has unusual lampshades.

12.Bird camouflage.

13.Universal cutlery: fork, spoon and knife at the same time

14.Unusual Pitcher Shape – The result of glass filling a gap in the wood, while maintaining texture.

15.One bottle, two containers, two different liquids that don’t mix.

16.This card uses a transparent polymer instead of plastic.

17.This is one cool shoe sole!

18.With such a backpack, it will be difficult for motorists not to notice you in the dark.

Which design was your favourite? Let us know in the comments! Share this gallery with your designer friends so they can take some inspiration on their creations from this gallery.

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