18 Chilling Photos That Would Make The Bravest Tremble.

Fears are something very curious: they change throughout our lives, some may disappear and new ones appear. There are those who are afraid of heights, spiders, clowns or what may be behind a door.

When we are little, we fear the monster in the closet, the devil under the bed, the bogeyman, our mother when she gets angry and a lot of other beings. As we grow, our fears transform. Perhaps we are no longer afraid of finding a monster under the bed but of compromising messages from our partner, a notification from the SAT, bills to pay and getting to use an anti-baldness shampoo.

There are many things that could make our hair stand on end, but when we are adults we must act bravely and even if we are full of fear, we must pretend that we have the situation under control.

But this time you won’t have to worry about that because below we will show you pretty creepy images that even if you are the bravest in the room, you will feel some chill. Check out!

Note: We are not responsible for possible nightmares.

1. Yes, it is a screaming statue

2. Big brother watches us, he is everywhere

3. Fortunately it is not what it seems

4. Spider season in Australia

5. The zombie apocalypse is here… False alarm, it’s a mushroom farm

6. Would you dare to swim with sharks?

7. No, it’s not a nurse from Silent Hill , it’s just a very peculiar snowman

8. Tunnel to the center of the earth

9. I think it’s less scary to find snakes than braided hair in the recycling bin.

10. What a happy dog

11. The kraken has arrived and no one will be saved

12. A gigantic wall

It is actually a wedge-shaped building. The photograph is taken from an angle showing only the narrowest corner with the widest side facing out. This makes it look like it’s a very tall, thin wall with windows.

13. They are seed pods from the giant Himalayan lily.

Although they can easily pass as little monsters that will bite your fingers.

14. Why not walk one of the most dangerous trails in the world head first?

15. Our professional recommendation is BURN THE BRUSH

16. What a beautiful scene! Sheep walking at night

17. I’ll bet a magical creature lives here.

18. I think that’s how you get pet frogs.

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