17 Unusual Works Of Art That Will Make You Rethink Reality

The modern artist, who has completely freed himself from any stereotypes and restrictions, is free to create paintings from any material. They can use the most unusual plots that only imagination can throw up. Such a bold approach to the art of painting is paying off, because the canvases are very interesting and original. They attract attention with unusual textures, materials and shades, so it is unlikely that you can pass for such peculiar paintings. He wishes not only to admire such creations, but also to definitely try to unravel, but what did the author want to tell us with his work? Without a doubt, his message is very clear, there is a diversity of thoughts and therefore an endless number of great new products and ideas that are just waiting to come to light and surprise everyone.

That’s why in this article we made a perfect selection of some quite unusual but really wonderful works that could open the way for new local artists, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1.To create this image, not paints and brushes were used, but self-hardening clay.

2.It seems that there is nothing strange here, if you do not know that the artist who painted it is only 7 years old.

3.In this case, the pool became the subject of the mural. It turned out very cool and unusual. All that remains is to see the pool filled with water and let the magic begin.

4.This year, as a gift from Secret Santa, I drew a portrait of my colleague to surprise her.

5.The landscape is painted with oil paints on a wooden panel, but it looks as realistic as a photograph.

6.A fox blanket that I made as a gift especially for my baby friends.

7.I recently learned to create holographic notebooks and now I can’t stop, all my classmates want the same ones.

8.A thumbnail drawn with an ordinary pen. This once again proves that the simplest tool is enough for a true master.

9.This unusual photo was taken by my wife and me. 8240 coins were used to create it. A job that requires a lot of effort, dedication, patience and above all love.

10.My first work within the Faculty of Arts and honestly it’s not bad at all.

11.The central character of my painting was a dinosaur from the Google Chrome browser. I think I made it.

12.Portraits that I painted with acrylic paints, I did not think that the final result would be so wonderful.

13.Hand-painted “Starry Night” ceramic tile.

14.Creative Tarot with predictions for tonight. You dare?

15.You have to look hard to make sure this balloon dog is a painting and not a real one.

16.Watercolor portrait of an Indian woman. One of my recent and most significant works because it represents my roots.

17.The quilling technique and alcohol ink were used to create this amazing paper art.

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