17 Photos Of Dads Who Have Known How To Be Very Tender With Their Children.

Being a parent is a complicated task that is rarely recognized. It is very common to hear people talk about the great work that mothers do with their children, but rarely do we hear this same comment with reference to fathers.

That is why today we have compiled these 17 photographs from different Internet users that show that a father can also do this great job.

He took his daughter on her graduation day; 18 years later he accompanied her to her graduation.

My dad was taking care of my brother all night, the next day we found them like this.

This father recreated his favorite photo with his son 30 years later.

His daughter drew this drawing for him before she died in an accident. Now he will carry it with him at all times.

Photo familiar and Halloween.

That was my father’s reaction when he saw me on my wedding day.

I always take my daughter to father-daughter dances. She feels very special.

The purest photography you will find.

My father could not contain his tears when he found out that I am the first in my family to graduate from a master’s degree.

Children will always go first.

I told my dad my chocolate had melted, he came up with this.

That complicity of parents with their children.

They will always be the most ingenious to take care of everything.

They dressed up to go to the cinema to see the Cinderella movie.

This is how my father and I have grown.

I found this man covering the sun of his baby.

My dad dresses up as Batman and visits sick children.

These photos are undoubtedly adorable and remind us of how tender parents can be with their children. Share this article with your relatives.

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