17 People Too Smart To Have A Hard Life

You better be smart.

Throughout life, people encounter situations that can make things more difficult. Fortunately, most are resourceful enough to find a solution to the problem. Some people, however, go above and beyond your expectations, offering clever advice that we all wish we had thought of first:

1.If you want to transport your boat and you only have a Pick Up, remove the engine:

2.The best way to cut down tall bushes quickly.

3.You can always find other ways to fix your pipe without a ladder.

4.A bit risky but it works.

5.The best way to have that connection that you will always need.

6.There will always be a solution to your work problems.

7.If the wall is very high and you are alone at work, you can always resort to physics.

8.A way to clear the way.

9.Change the light bulb on another level:

10.Nothing could go wrong, could it?

11.It’s not safe, but at least it can work.

12.When your ladder is missing one more step, you can always improvise.

13.Physics can always help you in your work:

14.Safety first.

15.A few pallets, a forklift and everything can work.

16.Risky but finishing the job.

Do not leave without sharing this fun gallery to brighten the day of your friends, perhaps some of them will give them a spark of an idea in a problem they have.

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