17 Obsessive People Who Don’t Know The Word ‘clutter’

The natural order of life, in fact, is disorder. Have you seen how the trees grow, or the flowers, or the grass? Although many plants can make their leaves and petals grow symmetrically, the truth is that there is no established order. The branches go everywhere and come in all sizes. Still, we can see nature as something precious and admirable.

However, the same does not seem to happen with the rest of the things in which we humans intervene. That is, in a forest, the trees can be whatever they want; however, the trees in a garden or orchard, if they are not pruned or aligned; they don’t look so pretty.

And so it happens with many other things in everyday life, such as plates, pencils or tiles on the floor. Many humans are used to the idea of ​​perfection and when we find something that resembles it, we cannot help but feel great satisfaction. This is achieved to a greater extent by order.

Although there are some to whom that does not attract their attention; others take it to an extreme level. There are little people who are somewhat obsessed with order and try to ensure that everything is in its place, perfectly positioned. And we thank them for creating scenes that are a tremendous feast for the eyes.

1.Fabrics folded around cardboard make a big difference when it comes to storage.

The cardboard gives them support and prevents them from unfolding so easily.

 lizard2014 / reddit

2.This is something you don’t see every day in the supermarket.

currentdream / reddit

3.Ordering books by size is fine, but doing it by color looks much better.

balletonfire / reddit

4.A shelf made from scrap wood to store leftover wood

SomeSkillStudio / reddit

5.Storing threads can be a problem

But not this time.

RoosDePoes / reddit

6.Maintaining order in the pantry is practically impossible, but it is enjoyed when it is freshly ordered

OhGod0fHangovers / reddit

7.The wardrobe is also difficult to maintain

emkay95 / reddit

8.Finding items in drawers can be a headache, except here.

croquette_le_cat / reddit

9.This will make it easier to find the parts

backpackingzack / reddit

10.No more damaged pots

writergeek / reddit

11.Stacking things leaves a lot of free space

excer30 / addiction

12. No more searching for the right tool size

SomeSkillStudio / reddit

13. Simplicity allows you to better appreciate the beauty of things

emkay95 / reddit

14.The plastic plant gives it an elegant touch

eviesadoll / reddit

15.This is how the guest bathroom turned out, it certainly leaves a good impression

chron1cally_ch1ll / reddit

16.To keep the pair of each earring together

itsmenotyou11 / reddit

17.The solution to not having to search for a pair of gloves in a pile of clothes

guineafowlgirls / reddit

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