17 Objects So Ineffective That They Make You Wonder Why They Were Created.

Often when making a building, a project or even just an object, there is usually a lot of trial and error, one evaluates how to make it as beautiful or as functional as possible. In some cases, these two aspects may coincide, but it also happens that neither of these alternatives is realized.

So here are 17 objects that are so ineffective that they make you wonder why they were created.

1. A slightly unbalanced skillet

“The handle of this skillet is heavier than the skillet itself, which immediately throws it off balance.”

2. They decided to pave only a fraction of the sidewalk

“The neighbors have become high-ranking people, they have decided to replace part of the sidewalk. They have, however, created a clear distinction.”

3. It may not be the best choice to look in the mirror.

“These bathroom mirrors transform the reflection into a Tetris”.

4. “I fell just looking at the picture”

They opted for checkerboard steps, but the problem seems to be being able to tell them apart. Can you get out of your toilet unscathed?

5. Maybe a bit confusing: 20109 or 219

Who knows what year they want to say, maybe they didn’t think the ‘zeros’ on the bezels are 2. Does it say 20109 or 219?

6. “Closed, come in”

Is this place open or closed? Maybe they got the wrong sign, it could be confusing for customers who don’t know if they can enter or not.

7. “Honestly, I don’t like it”

The toilets in the shape of a carnivorous plant, perhaps not everyone would want to sit comfortably there.

8. “A shoe a little big, who can wear it?”

It is unclear for what purpose this long shoe was made.

9. “Sunglasses in monster hands.”

They may not be comfortable, but who wears them certainly does not go unnoticed.

10. “Try to run some water out of this sink.”

A sink in the shape of a lower arch, possibly made by a dentist.

11. “Yes, of course I like living in Tevas”

We may not know it yet, but a new state has been created: Tevas.

12. It really takes a feat to be able to climb/descend them without falling

“Can you guess where the steps of my university staircase begin and end?”

13. A DIY car

They covered this vintage car with stones and wood. A real DIY car whose usefulness remains to be confirmed.

14. Maybe not the best place to put a hold

“My grandmother bought an apartment, but I noticed that someone made a door above a power outlet”.

15. There’s not enough privacy in this bathroom: it’s usually a place to be alone

Whoever installed them didn’t think that by leaving a slit you could see what’s going on inside.

16. They didn’t think this column could obstruct the entrance and exit of the building

“A sloppy design, those who made it forgot to think about functionality.”

17. “A bizarre building in Istanbul”

Maybe it’s not really easy to live there.

Have you ever seen a building or object and thought it didn’t make sense? Which ?

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