17 Images That Show The Clumsiest Side Of Humanity

Great inventions and great ideas have revolutionized history, and will continue to do so. It is incredible what the human being with a piece of meat of approximately 3 kilograms (the brain) has been able to develop throughout its history.

Since the discovery of fire, human beings have done nothing but progress and adapt the planet in order to survive on it.

However, just as there are thousands of brilliant people out there trying to find the discovery that will revolutionize history again, there are others who do not seem so bright.

In the following list you will see 17 of the latter, which show that despite the passing of the years, human beings can also have their less lucid moments and do very silly things. Continue swiping to see for yourself:

1.They spend 20 minutes trying to find out how the pool works:

2.The pizza recipe is not that difficult, is it?

3.I think this person at the checkout doesn’t know how to weigh himself correctly:

4.Eat a balanced diet?

5.I don’t think the drain works like this:

6.Find the error:

7.Piracy is sometimes not subtle at all:

8.The question is how did he get there?

9.I don’t know about you but I feel like this is too expensive:

10.The designer only thought of one thing.

11.The person who was preparing my bread forgot their glove inside it:

12.The other day I arrived very drunk and was blindly looking for something to eat:

14.When you follow your friend’s ideas, no matter how dumb they might be:

15.Where we’re going we don’t need spoons:

16.With this sign they welcomed a wedding that took place during quarantine: “Love is in the air, and so is COVID-19!”

17.The owner of this poor dog wanted it to look like a lady who wants to complain to the Walmart manager.

While we continue to investigate if these images are either very silly or have a unique spark of genius, tell us, do you think that the human being can be dumber than he sometimes shows? Share your comments with us and do not hesitate to send this note to your friends to distract them for a moment in this time of pandemic.

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