17 Images That Illustrate The Whole Avant-Garde Of South Korea.

1. Tea service

“A tea set I found at my grandmother’s house was made in North Korea.”

2. Mermaids

“Police cars in South Korea have sirens that can extend to display LED warnings in traffic”.

3. Water bottles

“In Korea, disposable water bottles don’t have a plastic wrap to allow for easy recycling.”

4. Climb trees

“In South Korea, we build stairs around trees.”

5. Banknotes

“I bought this North Korean banknote in 2018.”

6. Drinks

“There’s a bar in Korea that serves freshly made drinks in sealed aluminum cans.”

7. Kodak

“In South Korea, Kodak sells high-end clothing and accessories.”

8. Glasses

“An office in Korea has reading glasses for those who need them to fill out forms. They are labeled by age group for people in their 40s, 50s, or 60s.”

9. Bus stop

“A bus stop in Korea that sprays mist during the summer to cool people waiting.”

10. Mushroom

“I found this ‘veiled lady’ mushroom while hiking this morning near Seoul, South Korea.”

11. Taste of ice cream

“New buttercream flavor here in Korea.”

12. Telephone pole

“A telephone pole in a busy rural area of ​​South Korea.”

13. Yellow Rose

“The Yellow Rose of Texas at Camp Casey, South Korea.”

14. Pedestrian crossings

“Pedestrian crossings in Korea have light bars on the ground to signal people.”

15. Parc

“This is an extraordinary designed public park in Gimpo, South Korea.”

16. Traffic lights

“South Korea is installing traffic lights on the ground so people looking at their phones can still see the light.”

17. Book Distributor

“The train station I stopped at in South Korea had a book vending machine. I thought it was really good.”

Have you ever been to Korea or would you like to go there?

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