17 great designs that will make your life easier and more comfortable.

When cutting-edge technology comes out, we expect them to come up with innovative and creative designs. Sometimes we believe that by having the latest technology, this will be the one that makes our lives easier. However, there are a lot of products that, although they are not the latest iPhone or with exorbitant prices, do fulfill their function: to improve your life.

Next, we leave you some examples of this situation, designs that are so creative and even simple but that present a great solution to everyday problems.

1. An ironing board with a smaller one. Useful for ties or even shirt sleeves.


2.A special garbage container for pizza boxes. These boxes ultimately use up a lot of space.


3.A mini box of milk to serve the coffee cream.


4.Ashtrays in the bathrooms for those who still haven’t taken their vice out of the closet.


5.A mirror that does not fog up with the steam from the shower.


6.It doesn’t just look pretty. This air freshener rotates when you turn on the air conditioner.


7.This university gives pocket diplomas, so you can show off wherever you go that you already have a degree.


8.In a museum in Germany you have reproductions of paintings that are created especially for blind people to enjoy the sensation.


9.The Lexus of old, the luxury cars, had a built-in phone.


10.Special mugs for those with a mustache.


11.When you ask for a plant pest control kit and they send you a mini shovel.


12.A special remote control for baby boomers.


13.A dishwasher that shows you how long it takes for your dishes to be clean.


14.When you move into a house that was made especially for pets.


15.An elevator button for the feet. Ideal for when you have your hands full.


16.A car that has a button to perfectly adjust each part of the seat.


17.Banks that store solar energy so you can charge your cell phone battery in them.


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