17 Designers Who Turned Ordinary Objects Into Totally Awesome Things.

The importance of hiring professionals.
When a designer is having a bad day at work, we can expect nothing but questionable creations.

But it is unfair for these professionals to show only their mistakes. This time, we have put together a list of some amazing designer creations that could inspire many to create similar things. They took things we all use like a lamp or a shelf and took them to another level of awesomeness, keep scrolling to check it out!:

  1. A pretty modernized birdhouse.

2. Where some see junk, others see works of art.

3. A great idea for dwarf people or children who can’t reach the doorknob.

4. A great idea for a mini ice cream as a gift.

5. When you put two of your biggest hobbies together.

6. This handy extra compartment for your car that attaches to the seat.

7. This desk with integrated light connections:

8. This bridge located in Qingdao, China.

9. A great shelf idea.

10. A cool Shrek 3d lamp.

11. A staple remover with a wild attitude.

12. This vent is just another cool thing.

13. This cool crib for boat lovers.

14. These hidden lamps.

15. Best for protecting multiple bikes.

16. The future must be greener.

17. These cool lamps for you to play Tetris with.

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