17 Clothing Designers Who Should Be Fired Immediately.

The world of fashion is a very broad and at the same time complex one, not for nothing the saying of “of fashion, what suits you” and so it happened with these 17 people who bought these clothes without knowing that they were not really flattering. In fact the designers of these garments did not think very well about their designs and then you will understand what we are talking about.

These 17 clothing designers should be fired

01. The legend in Spanish says “Club de anti crueldad animal”, but when the hood is lowered it reads “Club de crueldad animal.”

02.   T-shirt designed for all stoned women with 6 fingers.

03. They could have made the A the Eiffel Tower, but no, they preferred to replace it with the F.

04. A very sad bunny.

05. When the image of the city does not represent the name of the city.

06. Subliminal message in this patch.

07. This design was just right for the crotch.

08. Perfect design for dancing with your hands up.

09. It is not the best design that we say for the dress.

10. An unsightly design.

11. These soles suck and bounce with every step.

12. Again, a less than optimal design for a dress.

13. This is the back of this donut costume…

14. cold?

15. With these sneakers you won’t notice when you fall into a mud puddle.

16. A very well placed mandala.

17. This brand desperately wanted its logo to be seen on sneakers.

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