16 Women Who With Good Makeup Look Like A Totally Different Person

If there is magic in this world, it is definitely embodied in makeup and its ability to change a person almost beyond recognition. In the hands of Serbian make-up artist Stefan Subotic, women become completely different people, and older clients appear younger in our eyes without surgery and without the intervention of surgeons. Stefan puts his work in “Before and After” form, which better emphasizes the changes in the appearance of his models:

1.According to Stefan, working in the studio is a pleasure for him.


Instagram / Stefan Subotic

3.The transformative power of makeup.

Instagram / Stefan Subotic

4.”Before and after makeup”

Instagram / Stefan Subotic

5.You wouldn’t even recognize yourself

6.The makeup artist believes that sometimes his successful work can replace plastic surgery.

Here, for example, he raised the eyelids, hid wrinkles and slightly enlarged the lips – all this in two hours and without the intervention of surgeons.

7.According to Stefan, satisfied customers simply give him energy.

8.Even her bridal makeup is memorable.

9.Shadows and bright lips, long eyelashes – it’s all Stefan’s style.

10.For example, Kim Kardashian was the inspiration for this look.

11.Most of the time she creates glamorous and bright makeup.

12.Stefan Subotic works in Belgrade, creating new looks for local clients.

13.Get him to change his countenance completely.

14.The makeup artist creates looks that completely transform their models.

15.It can even make you look slimmer.

16.And disappear any kind of imperfection.

Do you know any makeup professional who is this good? Tag him in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends so they can see what a good makeup artist can do for them.

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