16 Strange Objects That Were Found And Aroused Intrigue In Hundreds Of People

There is no shame in asking when you don’t know something. And it will be like at school, when the teacher asks: “Is everything clear?”, the students answer: “Yes!”, but in reality half of them did not understand anything. As a result, this leads to problems in tests and exams. In adulthood, we also often come across what we don’t know. Only now there is no point in sitting with a smart look, and it is much more interesting to find the answer to your question. And who in our time knows the answers to all questions? That’s right, the Internet! You just need to be able to search or know where to ask.

If some incomprehensible thing fell into your hands, then you can find out what it is on the famous forums, where it seems that people know everything about things. That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some quite strange objects to which there was no answer but after investigating and looking in the right places everything made sense. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1.Tell me what this tool is for. Its length is 30 centimeters, at the end there is an iron wheel.

The answer is that this is not a tool, but a handle from the control panel of an old toy train.

2.This thing is in our garden. I would like to know what it is?

The answer is that this is an old clothes dryer.

3.What is this thing that looks like a hole punch with a row of little needles placed in the middle?

The answer is that it is a tool for grinding decorative ribbons that are used to decorate bouquets and gifts.

4.What is this cast iron turtle for? Its shell is removed.

The answer is that this is a vintage yarn ball holder.

5.I found a tool that looked like a putty knife, only with notches on the edges, like a saw. What is it for?

The answer is that this is a sheet metal saw. It is used to cut thin sheets of wood.

6.What kind of things does this truck carry?

The answer is that these are car lift supports.

7.Italian silver pendant with a sharp point hidden in it.

The answer is that this is an old style toothpick.

8.Why do we need this metal box with cells marked with letters and numbers?

The answer is that this is an old box where the locksmith kept the pins for the locks.

9.I found this wooden thing with a metal ring in the middle at a flea market. The seller doesn’t know what it is either.

The answer is that this is a mold for making felt hats.

10.Unusual set of tin bowls with lids. The inside of the lid has latches that hold the bowls in place.

The answer is that this is a set for tricks. You can cover an empty container with a lid, and take out the second – full.

11.Pretty sharp plastic needle with one eye. Lighter for scale.

The answer is simple, it is an old punch.

12.What are those buttons on the floor under the sinks for? When you press, nothing happens.

The answer is that this is an old water pedal. They have long since been replaced by faucets.

13.I found this thing in the office. Any idea what it is?

The answer is that this is a handmade pen. These can be purchased online.

14.I found a support made of soft foam with many holes of various shapes. It’s probably something medical.

The answer is that this is a test tube holder.

15.This thing hangs on the wall in my new apartment. Anyone know what it is?

The answer is that this is a water barometer.

16.What is this strange metal box? Outside, it is covered with velvet, and inside a cage with many ventilation holes is inserted.

The answer is that this is a vintage portable charcoal foot warmer. They were usually worn while traveling by car.

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