16 Photos That Prove That Walking Through The Forest Can Be Really Exciting

You can always find something new in the forest, even if you have been there many times before. People who go to the forest often know how to navigate the terrain and find interesting places. Here you can see a variety of animals and plants, listen to the singing of birds, the sound of the river or the rustle of leaves under your feet. A special atmosphere reigns in the forest, which cannot be described in words. Walking along a forest path, breathing fresh air and joining nature – all this together can turn into an exciting event that will make you forget about everyday worries and problems, and immerse yourself for a moment in the natural world, where all the life is connected into a single whole.

That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some spaces that will undoubtedly attract your attention and give you that push you need to explore that forest that you usually walk a little more in depth. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1.We don’t know exactly what to highlight about this rock, its unusual shape or its imposing size. Whatever the case, we can only add that it is so majestic that it leaves anyone speechless. It is perfect for sending a postcard.

2.I often ride my bike through the woods on an abandoned railway track. This waterfall is one of my favorite places on the way, it is a mandatory stop to recharge my energy again.

3.I met a curious raccoon on a short weekend hike, it was unexpected but amazing.

4.An old payphone in the forest gives this place a special atmosphere.

5.Why would someone need to drag those two chairs into the woods? And in any case, why leave them?

6.I noticed a black rabbit at the edge of the forest, not far from my work. I had never seen a rabbit that size.

7.Wood carving with Scandinavian motifs in the Woodbush Forest Reserve in northern South Africa, some really amazing work.

8.Someone left their hard drive on a branch in the woods and I found it. What do you think I can find stored there?

9.I still can’t believe I got to photograph a lynx in the woods!

10.This cute forest dwelling probably belongs to elves or fairies. It’s a bit creepy.

11.I stumbled upon an old German observation tower in a forest in southwestern Poland. It seems that only the locals know of its existence.

12.I went out on the weekend to the forest and saw a white deer there. We looked at each other for several minutes. There was something mystical about it!

13.When I ran into this guy in the woods, I got really scared. Now I plan to go back and take it home, I just hope my wife won’t be upset by my new decorative accessory.

14.This old fair has been abandoned so long ago that now the Ferris wheel sits right in the middle of the forest.

15.This year there was little snow and encounters with animals in the forest were more frequent than usual.

16.During the day – an atmospheric forest house, and at night – an old sinister hut.

Don’t forget to share this post and leave us your comment for these people who will definitely keep coming back and exploring the mystical corners of the forest and tell us if you would be able to go out of your way to find amazing things in the vastness of nature.

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