16 Photos Taken At The Right Time That Leave You Perplexed

It often happens that we observe situations that lead each of us to wonder what is going on. It can happen to see something for a second, but not dwell on it with our eyes. When you turn around, it’s too late. At that moment, we wonder: “Did this really happen or is it just a figment of the imagination?

The ability to capture these moments is held by a few people, who understand the right moment and take the shot, crystallizing a moment that few would otherwise have seen.

Here are 16 well-timed photos that capture puzzling events.

1.Little Bird

image: Dominiciano_Sentini/Reddit

You have to look carefully at the photo to realize that the shadow reflected on the wall certainly seems to represent a bird, but in reality it is the projection of the leaves of the plant.


image: turbowagon25/Imugur

The right moment to take the picture. The sun reflecting off her hair creates a fantastic optical effect. It’s like being in the “Fantastic Four”.


image: Domonixus/Reddit

This slice of radish seems to be angry judging by its appearance.

4 .legs

image: Reddit

Looking at this cat, you can’t tell how many legs it has. It is only if you pay attention to it that you realize that it is the tail.


image: fatmand00/Reddit

Is this cow very small or the log very large? She seems to have settled into it perfectly.


image: duncan_D_sorderly/Reddit

This boy may have gotten too close to the sea and the seagulls. So much so that he found this giant bird, which does not promise anything positive. He might be better off running in the opposite direction.


image: sidewaytree/Reddit

Looks like a mythological figure. This animal seems to have two heads, one is that of a cat, the other that of a dog. Who knows what this unknown creature is called?


image: seerubyfalls/Reddit

A mythical animal, of which we cannot say if it has 2 muzzles and 8 legs or if it is two dogs that have crossed their heads. Probably just an optical effect linked to the timing of the photographer.


image: ____B____/Reddit

These two faces lined up perfectly. The dog’s muzzle overlaps its master’s face so much that it appears to have two half-faces.


image: cusology/Reddit

This cat seems to have come out of the computer. Too bad the remaining body part is that of a cow.


image: straightrocket/Reddit

A very particular soup that is not very easy to eat, because if you look at the spoon, you almost have the impression that the ingredients are screaming.


image: Blankman292/Reddit

A photo to look at very carefully, if you don’t look closely, it looks like this girl has a leg instead of an arm.

13.The olive tree

image: Guyric/Reddit

A slightly angry olive tree. Along with the really frizzy hair, he seems to have his eyelashes furrowed as if something is going on that isn’t to his liking.


image: BeardoGREG/Reddit

In this photo, Dad seems to be suspended in the air, but above all, we do not see his legs.


image: IveUsedTwentyLetters/Reddit

These little strudels lined up seem to have their mouths open. Now it comes down to whether they sing a song or shout.

16.Two Heads

image: Reddit

A two-headed person; here too it is difficult to understand what is happening, if there is a woman passing behind or if they are wearing the same coat.

Have you ever seen such optical illusions?

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