16 Photos Illustrating Situations That Would Drive Even The Calmest Person Crazy.

Can you keep your cool in all situations? Sometimes it’s really hard, isn’t it? There are undoubtedly people who find it easier, letting the most irritating event pass as if nothing had happened. But there are other people – perhaps the majority – for whom adopting such an attitude is really difficult, if not impossible.

And among them, the sixteen users who shared the photos that we are going to show you. Often, they don’t need to be described in more detail to be understood: they represent negative moments like few others, the kind that will test anyone’s patience . What to do, then, in these situations? Maybe we need to breathe and calm down, or maybe we can console ourselves by showing others what happened, maybe even laughing about it!

1. Guess what was in that package?

A vinyl record, which is unlikely to be usable for listening…

2. What now?

What were the odds of that pallet getting stuck there?

3. “I was not told that today’s renovation would involve the stairs.”

He must have spent the day upstairs…

4. All it took was a ray of sunshine through the window…

This is what the keyboard looked like!

5. You open the bread and… it is found in this indefinite form.

6. “I’m eight months pregnant, walked out of a bar and found my car like this.”

There is nothing more to add to the photo shared by this woman… Obviously her car is the one on the right.

7. She will probably never be able to access the contents of this can….

Even the can opener broke!

8. The negative aspects of living together

“I had cleaned the whole kitchen a few hours before, came back and found this. My roommates’ artwork.”

9. Almost 3 hours in line for a refund….

Could you keep your cool in such a situation?

10. And goodbye money.

Carefully washed, but now unusable.

11. Packaging just opened…

12. And where would the cream be?

The author of this photo wondered about this, because he was obviously expecting a very, very different cake…

13. Basil pizza? Yes, but without basil!

14. Is it possible to share a room with someone who makes such a mess?

Many people who have to deal with disrespectful roommates probably ask themselves this question…

15. This has happened to everyone at one time or another.

And it’s not pleasant at all, let’s face it!

16. “Car borrowed by my boyfriend for a few days. Here’s how he gave it back to me.

What situations have frustrated you the most?

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