16 People Who Were Designed By Nature With A Touch Of Magic

Genetics is a very beautiful chance.

When we are all born we start life without many recognizable features on our body and face. And yes, we know that the physique is not everything, but there are times when the family inheritance is not monetary, but a set of genes that reward a unique characteristic that not all people have.

In the following gallery you will meet 16 people whom nature endowed with something unique that makes them seem like something out of a magical tale:

1.This babe has the best eyelashes I’ve ever seen.

2.“Using a donut as a unit of measurement, I am 27 donuts tall.”

3.She has vitiligo on half of her face.

4.Nyakim Gatwech: The darkest skinned model in the world.

5.”My baby cousin has a newscaster hairstyle.”

6.Beautiful smile.

7.The best made nails are by nature.

8.She has naturally brown and blonde hair, perfectly parted.

9.She has fingers on one hand.

10.”My brother and his friend, both 13 years old.”

11.“I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow.”

12.A girl with vitiligo.

13.A person with heterochromia.

14.The cashier’s face says it all.

15.His birthmark is shaped like a heart!

16.“Yao Ming visited my girlfriend’s restaurant, who is 1.50m tall.”

Do you know someone with a feature that makes them unique and out of this world? Feel free to tag him in the comments! Share this gallery so that everyone knows these people with something unique that they seem blessed by nature.

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