16 People Who Showed Their Love For Plants Through Their Creativity

Being a mother of plants is already a lifestyle, while others decide to have babies or a pet, many are beginning their experience being responsible with some little plants.

For nature lovers, it is an entertaining and fun opportunity to touch the earth with their hands, plant, remove, water, clean and care for these living beings that will definitely brighten up your home.

Before, it was quite common to have the seedlings in boring, single-colored pots, or even to let them grow or flower normally, however, in the following photographs you will see clear examples of people who transfer their creativity to their love for plants. floors.

1.”The Hobbit house looks great on the floor of the house.”

Rollan000 / reddit

2.A pot in the shape of a bathroom is perfect for this plant.

planetzephyr / reddit

3.The new acquisitions of the little plant are shaped like Shrek’s ears.

agirlandheranimals / reddit

4.”I’m moving, and it took me to my plants to travel almost 5000 kilometers”

PingoBlayers / reddit

5.”Got this cactus with ears growing, got a little hat too.”

sophlen / reddit

6.”My ‘Flower of Paradise’ has finally bloomed and it looks beautiful.”

fleece_pants / reddit

7.A fun stalk of succulents, soon to have its new home.

WickyNilliams / reddit

8.“One of my cacti has a beautiful flower crown.”

Less-Sprinkles-4337 / reddit

9.”Many years ago I brought this plant to my office and now it doesn’t fit anywhere anymore.”

SuitableSea8052 / reddit

10.“I think I managed to find the perfect pot for my Brazilwood.”

ManagementNo3048 / reddit

11.”So many plants in Katowice in Poland it’s amazing to see whenever you go shopping.”

Expert_Intention_753 / reddit

12.”The old TV has become a great home for my plants.”

megm577 / reddit

13.“My mom gave me this beautiful order of succulents for Valentine’s Day.”

valmau5 / reddit

14.”This plant is 14 years old at our local tire and rim store.”

Trendscom / reddit

15.”A beautiful and well-kept succulent.”

mirohve / reddit

16.”I dedicate myself to the cultivation of mosses and lichens at home and I make compositions like this”

Trailhawk21 / reddit

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