16 People Who Show Us The Wonder That Forests Hide

It is hard to think that there are people who do not like to take long and relaxing walks in the woods, usually it is these spaces far from the city that help us clear our minds and forget a bit about the rush of the day. There are people who go to pick berries and mushrooms, someone is engaged in tourism, and someone even settles near the forest and walks among the trees every day.

Perhaps the fact is that throughout its history people lived near the forest, and this genetic memory makes itself felt. We enjoy listening to the sounds of the forest, admiring the trees, watching birds and animals. And the forest has a certain mystical and mysterious atmosphere. The further you go, the more clearly you understand that this is a large living organism. In addition, in the thick of the forest you can make unexpected and amazing finds.

That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some truly amazing and mystical images of what the forests of our world hide from us, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1.I found a magical clearing with flyswatters in the forest. Nature has created an ideal place for truly wonderful photo shoots.

2.I found this giant leaf today, but I still don’t understand which tree it fell from because all the ones around my house are very small.

3.I found voting buttons in the forest, like on popular sites on the Internet. It looks like some kind of art object, but why it was installed here is not clear.

4.I think I have discovered a new type of fungus. I’ll call it “ordinary bottler.” I think it would be a nice gift.

5.The magic of nature. A young birch grew right on the old trunk that no one gave hope to.

6.This forest waterfall wasn’t hard to find, you just had to follow the sound. And of course it was worth it.

7.These myxomycetes create the perfect gradient from black to light green. It’s something just perfect.

8.The woodpecker beetle larvae have turned this log into a true work of art. Keeping it is the best choice.

9.Wooden steps leading up to a natural stone bridge at Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky.

10.My son found a bump with a whole family of small mushrooms.

11.Someone placed a stone maze around a tree right in the woods. It certainly made this space more interesting.

12.Someone left his green sweater in the woods and green tinder mushrooms grew on it.

13.Old railway in the German forest, near the city of Kaiserslautern, he gets lost among nature that does not stop growing and taking the space that he belongs to.

14.This is the perfect example of finding a path that leads you to the mental and inner peace you need.

15.I think I literally found the heart of the forest!

16.On a walk in the forest, I came across a cow of the Scottish breed, chewing fly agaric. This is not something that usually happens frequently.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for these spaces that nature gives us so that we can find a place where we are far from the noise of the city and in this way achieve the peace that we need so much today.

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