16 Objects That Pretended To Be Something Else To Trick Your Mind.

It takes our mind some time before it really understands what it is looking at, because it can happen that an object appears to be one thing at first glance, when in fact it is something else entirely. . Indeed, it takes several seconds before realizing what we are really looking at.

There are optical illusions that play tricks on our minds. To us it looks like something and we are certain of what we have seen, then our eyes return and linger on the mysterious object and finally everything becomes clear.

Here are 16 images showing objects trying to look like they’re not.

1. Popcorn

This kernel of popcorn looks anything but what it actually is. Apparently, it is the muzzle of a cat, so much so that it can be superimposed perfectly on the feline.

2. Cow

The black spots on this cow have really strange and peculiar shapes, the spot near the muzzle looks like Italy, it has the shape of the boot and there are two islands.

3. Batman

This dog has a spot on his chest, but if you look closely, you can notice that it has a very specific shape, that of a bat. This pooch is Batman.

4. Birthday Cake

At first glance it looks like a birthday cake with two candles indicating 32 years, too bad the candle for 3 was made from a 9.

5. Pumpkin

This woman is lifting a pumpkin with her hands, looks like she is pregnant and holding her baby bump in her hands.

6. Legs

This girl seems to have very slender legs, if we look closer, however, we notice that this is an optical illusion. She wears black and white pants, and the white part blends into the background.

7. Branch or otter

We can’t really figure out what it is. “My dad saw that moss-covered branch and thought there was an otter in front of him.”

8. Hamster

This hamster looks like a cotton ball, there is a risk that someone will use it to remove their nail polish. It formed a perfect circle.

9. Salmon or ice cream

As soon as you bite into the white chocolate that covers all the ice cream, its filling emerges, too bad it looks more like salmon than ice cream…

10. Raisins

This grape seems to be happy, whoever eats it will face a smiling face.

11. Peels

These pumpkin peels seem to be low resolution, if you look at them you might think that you can’t see them well, on the contrary it’s just an optical effect.

12. Ail

When peeling garlic, it may happen that the outer veil falls on the table, in this case it took the form of a swan.

13. Cloud?

From this window, it looks like a new cloud has appeared in the middle of the clear sky, but it hasn’t, it’s just the glass that is dirty. The funny thing is how she got dirty: a pigeon knocked against the window.

14. Brush your teeth

What does a nose do on a toothbrush? No, it’s just toothpaste.

15. Reflection

“The reflection of my TV gives the impression that a person is passing in front of the fence”

16. Little Pumpkin

A small pumpkin with teeth and a beard, it looks like a mouth.

Have you ever thought you were looking at a specific object and only realized later that it was something else?

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