16 Objects That Fit Perfectly By Chance

In life it is quite common to attribute different situations to fate, chance or coincidence, everything is different and in many cases, they come to defy our own logic and understanding.

Without a doubt, what we do not understand is what causes us the most curiosity, perhaps that is why we want to find the strangeness around us or in what we see every day in everyday life. For example, when you are training for a sport and your ball accidentally flies to another place, you go in search of it and when you find it, you do so in an abandoned nest the same size as the ball.

At home, at work or in the middle of the street, these types of situations are as frequent as any other activity that you simply do that sometimes you realize it more than before. The following examples are articles and objects that show that coincidence can be really amazing and even more so when we pay attention to it.

1.”The cork coaster is perfect so I don’t wake the kids up with my guitar.”

KernowFunk / reddit

2.”The coin got stuck in a gap in my car door, even with a high-pressure air supply I couldn’t get it out.”

substle123 / reddit

3.”My wedding ring is exactly the same size as heartburn pills.”

FictionVent / reddit

4.It looks like this shelf was made just to store these boxes of records.

faggyswag20 / reddit

5.“Is this considered a perfect match? Every plug matched.”

nevertellya / reddit

6.“The applesauce packets fit perfectly in the cup holders of my car.”

crunchychocolate / reddit

7.“I found the perfect place for four coins to fit perfectly.”

lolxcat / reddit

8.”In my parents’ house there is a dresser with a hole in it that fits perfectly with their vacuum cleaner.”

A1Qicks / reddit

9.”I packed a present for Christmas and I want to brag that I did it without experience.”

Mrs-Eaves / reddit

10.“Now I will always buy these cookies. It fits my coffee cup perfectly.”

AnnaTrier / reddit

11.”I recently decided to buy a special stand for the player and coincidentally the speakers fit perfectly too.”

mcdonlorama / reddit

12.”My girlfriend’s ring fits inside my ring.”

manofmanytradess / reddit

13.The banana had a perfect angle around the waffle.

StuckinMoran / reddit

14.I moved the desk to my closet and it turned out better than I expected.”

perfectfiction / reddit

15.“The filing cabinet doesn’t match my desk much but it definitely fits the bill.”

OldPersonHerder / reddit

16.”The WI-FI cable follows the same line as the TV cable”

Robby358 / reddit

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