16 Incredible Beard And Mustache Compositions

One of the main prerogatives of men is their beards. Many like to wear it, but above all, they take great care of it, creating a variety of looks, the only limit being the imagination. Just let it grow and let your imagination run wild. In some extreme cases they even go so far as to create real paintings, almost like paintings, in others they simply let it grow until it almost touches the ground.

So here are 16 incredible compositions that have been made with beards and mustaches.

1.Circles and squiggles

An extremely imaginative beard, perhaps a little complex to comb when you’re in a hurry. Who knows how he managed to get those perfect circles?

2.How does a mustache look on a woman?

This woman wanted to see what she looked like with a mustache. She achieved this by growing her hair out, then tying it neatly under her nose.

3.Un Texan

This man seems to have come all the way from Texas, he perfectly represents what in the common imagination is a Texas farmer relaxing in his rocking chair on his porch.


This man wanted to do a kind of painting with his beard. He managed to shape a small bird in a cage.

5.You have no hair, what’s the problem?

He invented a fashion, why not use a beard to cover baldness?

6.An extremely long mustache

Having such a long mustache indicates enormous dedication, but above all extreme care. They cannot be left as they are every day, they must be combed and given a precise shape.

7.The Mechanic

When you love your work so much that you want to feel like you always have an object that represents it. That’s why this man turned his mustache into a wrench.


It took him months to make his Halloween costume, but he pulled it off. Thanks to the shape of his beard, he turned into a crow. Maybe not the best costume, but certainly the most original.


A complex beard to say the least, who knows how long it takes to make it look this way. More importantly, will she ever go back to normal?


Observing this image, one has the impression of taking a real dive into the past, when people embarked in search of treasures scattered in the sea.

11.This outfit reminds someone

He chose by his outfit and his mustache to imitate silent film star Charlie Chaplin.

12.A handsome bearded gang

Everyone decided on their own look, but the only prerequisites were a beard and a long moldable mustache.

13.A slightly long beard

It certainly took years and years of effort to create such a long, full beard.


Perhaps he prepared this composition in honor of Christmas…


A really trendy look, the long beard allowed him to achieve a beautiful braid.

16.The Sea

He recreated the summer vibe by making the beach, umbrella, waves and fish appear on his beard.

Have you ever seen such looks?

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