16 Images That Won’t Make You Believe What You’re Looking At

Just look at something from a different angle and it already looks like something else. It often happens that you don’t look too long at a given situation and then you see something totally different from what is actually happening. You always have to look carefully so as not to be mistaken and see something that is not.

So here are 16 images that won’t make you believe what you’re looking at.

1.A mythological creature entered his house: a centaur


A centaur inside a house. It may be an overlapping of figures: a person and a dog.

2.”Strange shoulder shape”


This person has four shoulders and four arms…

3.”Daddy’s Little Girl”


They managed to create a perfect perspective game. It really feels like the little girl is pulling her daddy up.

4.”Un chat extensible


This cat placed diagonally on the bed seems to occupy almost the entire bed. An extremely large cat, perhaps it is elastic and stretches. Looking closer, we realize that it is two kittens.

5.”Mom says I look sad in this picture because I have a long face.”


The horse’s muzzle overlaps its face perfectly.

6.”Arm or leg”


We can’t tell if it’s a leg or an arm. Even looking closely, doubt remains.



“The dog moved while I was taking a panoramic photo, now it seems to have three muzzles: it’s Cerberus”.

8.”It’s All Through Magic”


This trash can looks like it’s floating in the air, but that’s just an illusion. What you see is not a shadow, but a stain.

9.A giant baby


“A giant baby at the British Museum in London”. It looks almost as tall as the structure behind it. It was simply photographed from below.

10.”I think I saw a frog”


You have to be very careful before saying what you are looking at. At first glance, it looks like a frog, but it is a backpack.

11.The glass mirrors everything in the bathroom


Save time, this bathroom is very functional. So you can take a shower and use the toilet at the same time.

12.”What happened to his head?”


The woman in the foreground should be there to get her hair cut, but without her head, what do you do? An optical illusion gives the impression that his face has disappeared.

13.”Cat? I don’t see a cat in the photo”


It seems that there is no trace of a cat in the photo. But if you pay attention, you can see a black cat in front of the lady.

14.”Something missing, where did the legs go?


Between the body and the shoes, a piece seems to be missing, where are the legs and feet?

15.”This truck seems to be carrying a bit of a heavy load”


It almost looks like a huge concrete wheel sits on top of this truck. Perhaps a vehicle can hardly withstand such a weight.

16.A helicopter so small it can land on a branch


Perspective makes everything possible, even for a helicopter or a bird perched on a branch.

Were you fooled by the perspective to the point of having to look at the scene again to understand it?

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