16 Images That Show How Difficult It Is To Be A Parent.

Being a parent is far from easy. If becoming a mom or a dad is an immense joy, it is always difficult to follow a child. The children are full of energy, always ready to play and snoop around. It is precisely this desire to make new discoveries that leads them to make mistakes, which their parents then have to fix. The watchword in such cases is patience.

Here are 16 photos that show how difficult it is to be a parent!

1. “My daughter is a cyclops”

She found this blindfold, decided to wear it and walk around the house blindfolded.

2. “Slimness is not my son’s strong suit”

The little one decided to write on the edge of the bathtub. Who knows what his goal was, he probably wanted to spruce up the bathroom.

3. First he got dirty, but then he tried to clean with the vacuum cleaner

“I didn’t even think he knew where the sequins were. He tried to use them, but he knocked them all out.” At least he tried to repair the damage.

4. The kids got wrapped up and drew the whole wall

“My son loves this wall, as soon as he saw it he said it was beautiful”. He probably wants to draw something on it too.

5. “Silence is golden, unless you have a child. Then it becomes suspect.”

When a child stops making noise, beware, it means he has done something wrong and is trying to fix it.

6. The carvings on the door frame

“We moved here about a year ago. The previous owners had three children. I only noticed it today. They wrote their initials on the door frame.”

7. The wall may have been a bit flimsy

“My little brother threw a tantrum and kicked the wall.” He is surely very strong if his kick has managed to make a hole…

8. He tried using candies instead of batteries.

“I tried to turn on the television, but I couldn’t. I opened the remote and found this.”

9. “Hide and seek with my nephew”

He asked her to play hide and seek, but he didn’t really think about where to hide. His uncle will have to pretend not to see him.

10. She threw herself headlong into the rice dish

“She loved the rice so much that she put her whole head into it.”

11. “He wanted to play with mom’s makeup”

When he grows up, he might become a makeup artist, but for now he has to practice. He smeared the cream on his head.

12. “Mom! I made an omelet!”

A future cook. Mom is surely not happy with what he did, since it will be up to her to clean everything up.

13. A classic you do when you’re a kid

Approaching a frozen pole with your tongue is a classic. The problem is the consequences, namely staying stuck.

14. “What happens when you fly a drone inside the house”

The drama now is to free the drone from that tuft of hair. She certainly learned a lesson, though.

15. “I don’t know how my brother got here”

She left him alone for a few minutes and he went to hide in the toilet.

What is the worst stupidity your children have done?

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