16 Common Things That Accidentally Became Works Of Art

The main thing in the work of a true creator, artist or sculptor is the ability to see the future masterpiece on a blank canvas. On a piece of land in the middle of the forest, on a wall, table, you mention it. Giving it shape is already a trade, a practical skill. Therefore, some constantly stain the canvas, unable to draw anything outstanding, while others from a piece of rusty iron create the future main exhibit of the museum. The main thing is to remember that any little thing can become a source of inspiration:

1.A pigeon has no drawing tools, so if he could, he took a self-portrait

2.It’s hard not to recognize a puppy in a rusty place.

3.It’s just an old rag that brushes have been wiped on. And now, a new masterpiece!

4.A patch of dirt or a drawing of a fish.

5.Old faucet, metal in poor condition, corrosion. Or a fantasy world map drawn on an artifact?

6.Just raindrops on the car glass:

7.A true creator will spread even crude macaroons so that the paparazzi will come running to photograph the new masterpiece of expressionism!

8.The drops of ground coffee in the cup are reminiscent of oriental ink drawings.

9.Lighting, plus dust motes, plus the structure of the wine liquid, why not an image of a nascent galaxy?

10.A puddle of mud after a storm looks like an unknown work by Van Gogh.

11.A phoenix in the sunset.

12.Pen ink leaks not only stain, but also beautify.

13.Do you also see an extravagant creature or do you only think about food?

14.Paint, in which another paint has been poured, but not yet mixed.

15.The laptop, of course, is a pity, but it looks like a painting!

16.Lion on a piece of wood.

Have you seen works of art in common things? Leave us your comments and images! Do not leave without sharing this note with your friends who are looking for inspiration in their art, since it is everywhere.

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