16 Christmas Tree Ideas For Those Who Have Had Enough Of Their Old Decorations

The positive side of the current Christmas is that fewer trees are going to be cut down and this has opened up the perfect place for great creatives to take matters into their own hands. Because there has been no demand for live trees for a long time, there is a tendency to refuse to destroy nature for the good of all. What is gratifying is that it was not someone “from above” who invented it, but the people themselves, who show unprecedented creative attempts and make analogues of a decorated New Year tree from everything in a row. They look weird, but they’re great!

1.The most brutal Christmas tree in the world! Great only if you use chainsaws!

2.Here is another tree without the need for one.

3.Another example.

4.Car mechanics have their own creativity – heavy and monumental!

5.In the spring they freaked out, they put on protective gear in abundance, and now they wear it like this.

6.Do you see the sad cat who can’t knock down the tree now?

7.”Daddy made such beauty”

9.For the blacksmith there will always be a choice.

10.Something your chemist friend is going to love.

11.You already know what to do with all the decorations you have.

12.When everything you panicked and foolishly bought made you run out of savings for Christmas…

13.Wood and plastic pipes.

14.In case you have too many books.

15.For your favorite welder.

16.What to do with the garbage left over from the previous tree? Another tree.

What was your favorite? Which one are you going to do? Let us know in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends so that they also know about these alternatives.

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