16 Cabins In The Woods You Want To Escape To Today

A calm and peaceful life in the bosom of nature is the most intimate dream of many people. But not everyone dares to exchange a comfortable apartment in a big city for a small house in nature. However, there are those who still decided to make their dreams come true. They became the owners of charming cabins that are located right in the forest, and now they go there at every opportunity to admire the surrounding beauty at their leisure. Well, they can be understood, because living in such a nice and cozy house somewhere in a clearing or near a river is an incomparable experience, and the photos show us only a small part of what these people see every day.

That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some cabins located in the most amazing places on earth, thus providing us with a unique and dreamlike experience, from which no one will want to wake up, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1.Nice house somewhere in the German forest, the red frame on the windows gives a special touch to the whole decoration.

2.Incredibly cozy cottage we were lucky enough to stay in while traveling around Cornwall in the UK.

3.Wrapped in snow, this little house looks just fabulous.

4.My grandfather’s house is located in the woods in northern Michigan.

5.The warm light that flows from the windows of this house, as if inviting to visit, has invaded every corner of the nature that surrounds it.

6.Our small but very cozy cabin in the woods, the colors make a wonderful game and contrast with the whole environment.

7.In winter, it’s just a magical moment in the forest, but there is one drawback – you have to remove snow from the territory yourself.

8.Our family has a house in the woods and I love coming here in the fall.

9.This morning my house almost drowned in snow, for a moment I felt a little nervous.

10.One can only imagine how pleasant it is to sit by the fire near such a wonderful house in the evening.

11.Such a small cabin in the mountains is sure to please some introvert who prefers complete solitude.

12.A wooden house with a wide terrace in the forest looks very organic.

He built a small vacation home in Northern Finland and this was the result.

I have almost finished equipping my forest house and I really like the time I spend here.

This little cabin is 150 years old, this year my family and I celebrate Christmas here.

My grandparents’ house looks like an illustration from a fairy tale.

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